5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your WordPress blog




In our previous post, we show you how to start a blogging. Now, we will guide you to prepare your WordPress blog. Lets get started.


1. Finding The Right Niche


As you know, this is one of the important things you must consider while starting your blog. In this post, we gonna help you how to choose it in detailed manner. You can choose whether you want to blog about your passion or blog about your business. If you have business and want to blog about it, that’s great But, if you want to blog about your passion or hobby, we recommend you look for topic that will be profitable in the future. In order to do that, we gonna test the topic / niche that you choose. The first thing to do is to search affiliate program available for your niche. Go to google and search for “your niche” + “affiliate program” for example “gardening affiliate program” or “cooking affiliate program”. Look if there are many affiliate programs from well-established website. Next, you gonna look how many advertisement available when you google your niche. If there are many advertisements, it is a good sign because there are many advertisers promoting your niche. This will help you when you use google adsense for your blog in later time.


2. Pick a domain name for your WordPress blog


Choosing a domain name is not an easy task this day. You know why? because all majority domain names already taken even 2-words domain name canbe difficult to fined. Short domain name is very expensive to have, so you want to avoid that. If you can find 2-words domain name will be great, but don’t go for more than 3 words. It will be difficult to remember. Adding your niche as keyword in your domain name also can help you ranking in search engine, but this is optional.The last thing you need to remember is stick with .com, .net and .org domain name.


You can register your domain name in the following sites :

– Namecheap

– Godaddy

– Namesilo


3. Choose reliable hosting for your WordPress blog


In order to host your blog, you need reliable web hosting. There are 2 web host that we personally use and recommend :

– Bluehost

– Siteground


After you get your web hosting, install wordpress using wordpress tool inside the hosting. You may also need to create your admin account with preferred password. Don’t worry, the software will automatically install it for you.



4. Setting up theme for your WordPress blog


There are three options when setting up a theme for your blog: Free, Premium and Custom theme.  For the free theme, you can choose it inside your wordpress dashboard. Just login to your wordpress dashboard of your blog, Go to Appearance -> Themes. You can choose many free themes from there.


The next one is premium theme. Many premium themes sells from $29 – $199 price range. Premium themes usually offer good design and thematic. You can choose what suitable for your blog topic.


For Custom theme, You need to hire wordpress designer or developer to develop a custom theme that you come up with. It means they will develop a theme based on your concept and requirements. Custom theme can cost you around $1000 or more. But, It will be great if you want really unique theme just for your site. The other benefit that you can get is you can get any functionality that you want just for your site.


5. Install necessary wordpress plugins for your blog


The last step in setting up your blog is installing wordpress plugins. If you are new to blogging space, you may be wondering what wordpress plugin is. WordPress plugin is a piece of software that can be uploaded to your wordpress blog in order to extend your wordpress functionality.


The first plugin that you want to install is WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is used to improve your blog ranking in search engine.


Second, you need to install Google XML sitemaps. This plugin will help Google and other search engine to better index your blog.


Third, Install WPtouch plugin. What this plugin do is it create a mobile version of your wordpress blog in just a few simple steps.


Next, Install social media sharing plugin. For this particular plugin, We recommend several plugins that you can choose. Personally, we use Easy social shares or Floating Social Bar plugin. With easy social bar, you can have flexibility to put your social button, for example in top of your content in a post or in the bottom. For Floating Social Bar, it give you great visual appeal and floating look for your social media buttons.



These 5 Steps should be enough to prepare your own wordpress blog and start writing post for your blog.

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