SEO basics for your wordpress blog

Now, we gonna talk about SEO basics for your wordpress blog. So, what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In order for your site to rank better in search engine, you need to optimize it. That’s why SEO is important for your blog. It improves visibility to major search engine. The first thing that you can do is submit your URL to Google. Go to



Here is what it look like when you visit the page :






Click “Add your URL” and submit your blog.



Next, Sign up for Google analytics to track your blog, so you know where your visitors coming from, what they read and much more. You can get insight on your blog visitors.



Other important Google services that you should know is Google Webmaster Tools. You can remove bad links, check for your blog errors, submit sitemap etc. It helps your blog being indexed faster by Google.



After you finish doing all of them, you can now focus optimizing your blog inside wordpress dashboard. First, You need to setup your permalinks. All you need to do is going to Settings menu and Click on Permalinks. Inside permalinks section, Choose “Post name” under “Common Settings” section. Then, Click “Save Changes” button to save your setting.






If you already finished setting up your wordpress blog, write several blog post that focus on your keyword. You don’t need too strict in writing your post, make valuable post for your visitors. Don’t just focus adding keyword in your post but don’t have any valuable information.



Do internal linking in between your blog posts. You can do this by add a link between your posts inside your blog. It will give you better value in the eye of search engine and also make your visitors navigate your site easily.



The next thing you want to do is create robot.txt file for your blog. This will tell search engine what to crawl from your blog, and what not. It also help you to avoid duplicate content being seen by search engine, especially Google. Google doesn’t like sites with duplicate content in it. Maybe you feel this is a complicated thing to do. But, you can generate this with a free tool. Go to



Don’t forget to update your ping list. It let web sites and directories know when you update your blog. This can also help your new blog post to be indexed by Google faster. You can get this ping list from dailyblogtips. After you get the list, add this list to your wordpress blog. Go to the wordpress dashboard, inside the Settings menu, click on Writing. Find “Update Services” section and add your list there. Save your changes after you finish.



If you follow this guide, your blog will get indexed faster and improve your rank in search engine. But, of course there are a lot of factor that affect search engine ranking. It depends on keyword competition, sites authority, etc. At least, your site visibility is improved and help people find your blog easily.

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