How to Get Free Traffic for Your Blog


There are many ways to get free traffic for your blog. Here we gonna share with you how to attract new visitors to your blog.


1. Blog Commenting

One of the easiest way to start getting free traffic is comment on other blog / websites. Find Other blog / website that related with yours. If you can high authority website that you can comment to, It will bring more benefit to your blog. You can find these kind of websites with Google search and through Facebook. When you leave a comment, usually it would ask your name, website and email address.


2. Social media sharing

If you want to get more traffic, you must share your blog or your best blog post in your social media account. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. Just share it in all social media account that you have. If you just start blogging, just tell your friends that you have new blog and have them check it out. Share your post consistently in your social media to get traffic directly to your new post.


3. Share in other sites.

This method need a little more work. Just create great quality content and share it to sites like scribd, slideshare, etc. Find other sites like this that you can find and share your content. Many people go to this kind of sites seek good content for them.


4. Create a Facebook Fan Page

If you already share your content in your facebook account before, you can try create a facebook fan page and tell your friends. Put your fanpage in your blog will also help you gaining more fan to your page. With a fanpage, it will be easier for you to tell your fans about new content that you post because facebook will notify them.


5. Share on Pinterest.

Pinterest has huge audience that you can utilize to drive traffic to your blog. Pin your sites on them and give enticing picture to attract people to see and share your pin.


6. Participate in forums

Other way that you can use to drive free traffic is join a community / forums that related with your blogs. Don’t just join this forum and spamming your website. Contribute to this forums and add your blog to your signature. You can find forums that related to your blog on Google. Just search using keyword “Your niche” forums. for example, “gardening forums” or “cooking forums”


7. Post Video on Youtube

If you don’t know what video you want to post on Youtube, just turn your post into video. Add voice to your video to gain more trust, so people know that your video is not using robot. You don’t need to be in front of camera. Just create your video from important point on your post and read it. Add images will help your audience to understand what you talking about. Don’t make your video too long. 3-5 minutes video is good enough.


That’s all that we can share with you in this post for getting free traffic to your blog. Try it one by one and track it with Google analytics that you installed before and focus on what’s the best for your blog.

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