How to Monetize Your Blog

First thing first, You must know your audience. Don’t just put some ads in your blog and hope get money from it. It’s only waste of time and get your audience distracted. In this post, We will show you some tips to make money from your blog :

Google Adsense

It is the easiest way to make money using your blog. Using adsense, Google will read your blog and provide relevant ads to your content. If your blog is about cooking, then Google will provide ads from company / store that sells cooking equipments or recipe books to your audience. There are two types of ads, text based ads and banner ads. You can use both of them. But, for most sites banner ads will bring more revenue as most people interested in visual ads.

Sponsored Content

Many people want to promote their brand or product through this kind of ads. It works almost similar to guest post. But, in this method you may create the content and mention it as sponsored content or You can also get content from third party that want to promote their brand or product in your blog.

On-Site Advertising

In this advertisement, You get your ads directly from third party that interested to advertise their brand / product in your blog. They usually want to put their banner in your sites and you can charged them as premium placement in your site.

Banner Ad Spots

You can also sell ads spots in your site through ad broker. The most popular broker for selling ads spots is BuySellAds. You will sell your ads spots in their sites and get paid whoever want to place their ads in your sites. You can charge them for one premium price or CPM-based price (Cost Per Impressions). With CPM you can define how much you want to charge per 1000 impressions. We suggest you take a look for similar sites that related with your blog and see how much they charge. You must also consider how much traffic do you have before you set the price tag. BuySellAds will get 30% from your sales as broker fee.

Sell Your Own Ad Spots

If you want to sell your own ad spots without any broker service. You can do it with by using OIOPublisher wordpress plugin. You can set your own price with this and define what kind of ad spots you want to sell. The advantage using this plugin is you get all the money. No brokerage fee!

Affiliate Marketing

The other way you can make money with your blog is using affiliate marketing. Basically, you just need to sign up to an affiliate network and start promoting products related to your blog. You’ll get commissions if you sold any product that you promoted in your blog.

Build a mailing list

With this method, you’ll build your relationship with your readers. Give them something valuable and gain trust with them. Even if you want to sell something in later time, make sure it will be valuable to them and not just selling things to them. Remember, you need to build trust, relationship and engagement with your subscribers.

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