Guest Blogging - A Great Way To Grow Your Website Traffic

Are you trying to increase your website's traffic with your writing skill?

If yes, then I have a quick tip for you.

Start writing guest posts for other websites in your niche and build quality links for your blog or business website.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a crucial SEO process where we write content for another person's website to build relations, brand awareness, website authority, and quality backlinks. Guest blogging is also known as guest posting.

what is guest blogging and guest posting

Guest blogging is a great way to increase quality traffic, and it also contributes a ton of benefits such as;

  1. A quality backlink.
  2. Quality referral traffic.
  3. Building relationships with other website owners
  4. Building an audience on different websites
  5. Grow your reputation online
  6. Increase your brand awareness and authority online

But the question is...

How do you find guest blogging opportunities and use guest blogging to grow your website's traffic?

Guest Blogging - The Right Way at Blogging Rocks

Here are the three simple ways you can follow and start guest blogging for your website in 2022.


1) Find the Legitimate websites in your niche.

The first step is to find the ideal websites to write expertise guest posts.

You can use the following search phrases on Google to find related guest blogging websites in your niche.


  • "submit guest post" + "your niche keyword."
  • "blogging" +, "write for us" (replace the word "blogging" with the keyword relevant to your niche)
  • "guest post submission guidelines" + topic name
  • write for us + your niche
  • “contributor” + topic name
  • "guest post" + topic name

You can create your own keyword variation out of this and find the best guest post website.

2) Say hi before you pitch for a guest post

One of the easiest ways to get your guest posts accepted on any website is to build relationships with the website owners by simply saying hi or telling good things about the blogs.

You can also follow the below suggestions in order to build a good relationship with the blog owner.


  1. Regularly post a comment on their blog posts
  2. Share their blog posts on your social media (Don't forget to tag them)
  3. Send an email to them.
  4. Buy their products/courses to support them.
  5. Please give a backlink to their most valuable content.

Once you've built a relationship with the blog owners, you can start pitching your guest post ideas. Explain how the guest post will add value to their website.

Once they're interested, you can work on high-quality posts to develop and grow your website's traffic.

3) Share the best Guest Post ideas.

Last but not least, you need to come up with the BEST topic ideas in your niche for guest posts.

You can use the following tools to find great topics for your future guest posts.


  • Semrush
  • Exploding Topics
  • BuzzSumo
  • Google Trends

Apart from these online tools, you can also check out the popular posts of the websites where you want to write guest posts.

Top 6 Benefits of Guest Posting at Blogging Rocks

Guest posting is an effective tool for improving your content marketing strategies. Let's look at the benefits of using guest posting as a blogger.

  • Guest posts allow you to publish more content on your blog. The only reason why bloggers would use guest posting is as it helps them publish content. If you are a blog owner, you have a lot of responsibilities to handle. Guest posts can give you more content for your blog.
  • Guest posts get more traffic and reach. By publishing regularly and on a wider range of niche topics, you can really expand your audience and drive more traffic to your blog. In addition, the writer can bring their own followers to your website.
  • SEO benefits of guest posts. Content marketing has significant benefits for your blog SEO. If you blog you can get ranked for a list of keywords using this amazing content marketing strategy.
  • Guest posting improves blog authority. The advantage of blogging is the presence of trustworthy content. A professional blog can build a reputation by having quality guest posts.
  • Guest posting is a helpful tool for building referral traffic. It is one of the most trusted ways to increase quality referral traffic to your site. As the number of referral visitors grows, Google considers your content valuable and your website’s links get ranked higher in search engine rankings.
  • Guest posting is great to keep your blog active. When you accept guest posts on your website, you allow more people to write for your blog and publish more content to keep your blog active. It is an easy way to get people to interact with your blog and write for you.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities in 2022?

There's a free way to find Guest Blogging opportunities.

You can make use of Search Operators.

A search operator (sometimes referred to as a search parameter) is a character or string of characters used in a search engine query that helps you filter and refine search engine results.

Along with Search Operators, you need to use different variations of keywords guest bloggers use to invite guest authors.

TYPE 1 Search Operators - Intitle:

keyword intitle:”write for us”

keyword intitle:”write for me”

Keyword intitle:”contribute to”

Keyword intitle:"Other Variations"

TYPE 2 Search Operators - Inurl:

Keyword inurl:/guest-post/

Keyword inurl:guest-posts

Keyword inurl:write-for-us

Keyword inurl:guest-post-guidelines

Keyword inurl:profiles/blog/new

Keyword inurl:category/guest

Keyword inurl:contributors

Keyword inurl:Other Variations

TYPE 3 Search Operators

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “write for us”

Keyword “guest article”

Keyword “guest post opportunities”

Keyword “this is a guest post by”

Keyword “contributing writer”

Keyword “want to write for”

Keyword “submit blog post”

Keyword “contribute to our site”

Keyword “guest column”

Keyword “submit content”

Keyword “submit your content”

Keyword “submit post”

Keyword “This post was written by”

Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”

Keyword “guest posting guidelines”

Keyword “suggest a post”

Keyword “submit an article”

Keyword “contributor guidelines”

Keyword “submit news”

Keyword “become a guest blogger”

Keyword “guest blogger”

Keyword “guest posts wanted”

Keyword “looking for guest posts”

Keyword “guest poster wanted”

Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Keyword “writers wanted”

Keyword “articles wanted”

Keyword “become an author”

Keyword “become guest writer”

Keyword “become a contributor”

Keyword “submit guest post”

Keyword “submit article”

Keyword “guest author”

Keyword “send a tip”

Keyword “submit a guest post”

Keyword “guest post by”

Keyword “guest post guidelines”

TYPE 4 Search Operators

[industry] + “write for us”

[industry] + “guest post opportunities”

[industry] + “guest post guidelines”

[industry] + “guest blog submission”

[industry] + “guest column”

[industry] + “contribute to our site”

TYPE 5 Search Operators

inpostauthor:guest keyword

inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword

inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword

TYPE 6 Search Operators

“Keyword” “weekly link roundup”

“Keyword” “friday link roundup”

“Keyword” “best posts of the week"

AI Tools that can help you Scale Guest Blogging

AI tools are incredibly helpful. Here is a list of AI writing tools you can use to write guest post content quickly.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper is one of the best AI writers out there. There are a lot of copywriting templates available, making it easier to get your writing done. To get the most out of the tool, you need a Boss Mode plan.

You can start with Jasper AI's free trial and get free 10K words from Blogging Rocks using our special free trial link.

When you want to write a guest post - you can go to the edit section - you can draft the full guest post based on your topic in less than 10 minutes.

All this is possible thanks to the new features in Jasper. Watch this video to learn how to write a high-quality guest post in 10 minutes using

Try For Free

2. Copy AI is an AI copywriting software that can be used to create engaging guest post content for your website. Content is critical to marketing, and Copy AI is here to help you to achieve it. It will help you create outstanding guest posts for your link-building campaign.

It is an easy-to-use tool that generates various types of write-ups using 90+ copywriting templates, which you can use for your website. You can start using for free.

If you want to write a high-quality guest post fast? Then watch this video. co-founder Chris Lu is demonstrating a method to create a long-form blog with

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3. Closerscopy AI

ClosersCopy is another popular copywriting software which has a huge library of copywriting templates that one can use to write content for their website or social media.

It's very simple to use and works really well for beginners or advanced users. The templates are excellent and include templates for guest posts, blog posts, sales pages, social media captions, email campaigns, landing pages etc.

Watch this video to learn how to craft an ultimate guest post using Closerscopy AI copywriting software.


If you want to read more, you can read my other posts for free.

Conclusion For Guest Blogging

Indeed guest blogging is the best way to build backlinks, generate quality referral traffic, and increase the website's authority online.

So make sure to do guest blogging and take the benefit for your own website.

Do let me know if you've any questions or concerns about Guest Blogging.

BTW Blogging Rocks also accept guest posts. You can write to us on to publish your post here.

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