Craftly AI Review: Is it Best AI Tool For Writing in 2022?

Do you know about
Is it another AI writing assistant in the market?
What is Craftly AI and how it can help you improve your copywriting?

If you have these questions then get ready to find answers to all your queries regarding this new ai copywriting tool called

But before that here is my quick review about Craftly AI.

Craftly.AI Review: I struggled for hours trying to write a good blog post. When launched, I was delighted because it meant I have support for writing new articles for my site. It has an amazing interface, incredible artificial intelligence (AI), great leadership, and it's easy to use. They also offer a great way for me to easily insert content into my site. Crafty AI is an easy way to create engaging content. Try Craftly AI For Free & Get 5-Day Trial alert-success review

What is Craftly.AI?

Craftly.AI allows you to generate high-performing original content tailored to your preferences through an AI-powered assistant. It offers marketing copywriting and content.

It can be your AI-powered copywriting assistant that creates content according to your preferences. gives you all the tools you need to boost your online presence, create more content and generate more business.

It's easy to get started! We'll guide you through the process (with some helpful tips along the way) so you can make the most of your trial.

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75+ Writing tools and expanding

Craftly is constantly expanding its copywriting tools so stay tuned for more use cases all included in your plan. Here are the five copywriting tools that have been getting people talking the most:

  • Pain Agitate Solve: Appeal to your readers with a go-to formula for copywriters
  • Attention Interest Desire Action: One of our more advanced tools
  • Content Improver: Reword your content (with better words)
  • Product Description: Sum up your amazing product with some punchy copy
  • Breakup Text: If you're going to break up over text it better sound good

Hot tip 🔥: Tools don't have to be used for their exact use case. For example, try Product Description for a definition or service.

Craftly AI Pricing

Craftly offers three pricing plans. Starter, Crafter and Dedicated plans.

craftly ai pricing plans

Craftly offers a starter package for $35 per month with access to all the features and you can generate up to 20,000 words of content with 3 workspaces.

For the Crafter plan of $79 per month, you get access to all of these things plus an unlimited word limit and workspaces. You also get customer support, chat support, and unlimited workspaces.

Think collaborator versus generator.

You get what you put into it. Each tool has a mind and personality of its own so, work with it to make the magic happen. 

1. Write longer descriptions.

The more we have to work with, the better and more relevant outputs we can give you. If you don't give any details, the tools will fill in the gaps by giving you great ideas for what you may have missed.

Tip: Avoid customizations (audience, tones) till you get into the swing of things.

2. Mix and match for the best output.

We find ourselves mixing and matching all the various outputs to make one amazing piece. Remember, you know your needs best and the AI is just here to help.

Keep "Crafting" till you find what you love. The more learning tool has the better output you can expect.

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Overall saves writers time by automatically creating high-quality posts based on keywords provided by the user. Content created with looks great, and it's easy to use.

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