Jasper AI Coupon Codes, Discounts & Offers Jan 2024 - Formerly Jarvis.ai, Conversion.ai 🦾

Jasper AI offers, deals, coupon codes 2024

Jarvis AI is now the official Jasper AI! So don't get confused about Conversion AI, Jasper.ai and Jarvis AI, all are the same.

Are you looking for a Jasper ai coupon code, Jarvis.ai promo code or conversion.ai discount in 2024?

Are you looking to get Jasper.ai coupon codes to avail yourself of discounts on this AI copywriting software?

In this post, we are sharing all the latest coupons and promo codes related to the Jasper AI copywriting assistant tool that you can use and save money.

Recently, Jarvis changed his name to Jasper. You can read the complete news on Jasper.ai's official website about this rebranding.

They started their company with the name Conversion AI, later on, they rebranded to Jarvis AI and now in 2024 they again rebranded as Jasper AI. They are changing names but the copywriting tool and algorithm are the same which is generating high-quality content.

Best Jasper.ai Deal of January 2024: Jasper AI is the best content writing assistant that can help you scale up content five times faster using AI. You can get 10,000 words of free credit for 7 days using this special link from Blogging Rocks. Claim 10,000 Words for Free or Get 2 Months Free on Jasper.ai Annual Plan alert-success

Boss Mode Offer 50% Off: You can pay $59 and avail of the best offer on the Jasper Boss Mode plan. This plan suits you best if you need long-form content fast with all copywriting features like Jasper commands, recipes, content lookbacks and more. You can start using the Boss Mode plan by paying ninety-nine dollars per month. Activate Boss Mode Now alert-success

Jasper Art For $20: Recently, the Jasper.ai team introduced a feature called Jasper Art. It is an AI-based image generator tool that creates unique image art for you in seconds with the help of artificial intelligence. Save time and generate high-quality images using Art. Try Jasper Art Now

You can get a seven-day free trial along with 10,000 words credit for the Jasper Boss Mode plan. Keep reading to learn how to claim the free trial deal.

🦾Jasper.ai was formerly known as Jarvis.ai and Conversion.ai.🦾

🤖What is Jasper.ai🦾?

jasper AI

Jasper.ai is GPT-3 based artificial intelligence copywriting software that gets you more conversion by generating high-quality content.

Jasper is an all-in-one copywriting tool to help copywriters, webmasters, marketers, affiliate businesses, and everyone who wants to create better blog posts, social media ads, emails, sales copy, and landing page content.

How does Jasper.ai work?🦾

Jasper.ai is a tool that will help you create engaging content in just seconds! With this innovative platform, you can come up with thousands of words in mere moments without sacrificing quality or time.

Jasper.ai is integrated with the Surfer SEO tool, which helps 100% guarantee SEO-optimized original content that Google loves to rank. This platform also works for any type of business and comes at a cost that won’t break your budget! Check the complete Jasper AI Review here.

Now let's talk about the amazing Jasper deals you can opt for.

Latest Jasper.ai Coupon Codes, Offers & Promo Discount Codes in Jan 2024

Discover all the latest Jasper.ai copywriting software offers, deals, and Jasper AI discount coupons at Blogging Rocks. Grab the free trial link using our special link.

  • Jasper AI Free Trial Coupon Offer: Click and grab 7 Day Free Trial and You can generate 10,000 Words of content for completely free. A great deal for Jasper beginners.
  • Jasper Starter Plan: $29 per month for 20,000 words you can literally create twenty 1,000 words of masterpiece content with this. Best for Short-form Content requirements.
  • Save 50% on Boss Mode: $59 per month for 50,000 words of long-form content and BOSS Mode. With this, you can write 10x faster and gain control of your content by using Jasper Command to direct the AI to write exactly what you need in terms of copy. Our second recommendation is this. Best for Long-form Content requirements.
  • Jasper AI Starter Annual Plan: Pay just $24 per month for 20k words. Annual plan promotion.
  • Jasper AI Boss Mode Offer: Pay just $49 per month for 50k words. You can increase the word limit based on your requirements. Annual plan promotion. Recommended plan for the long-form content requirement.
  • Exclusive Offer: Get 2 Months Free on the Jasper Annual Plan. Click on the "Claim Deal" button and choose annually to activate this exclusive Jasper AI deal.
  • Jasper Art: Generate high-quality images using Jasper Art. Sign up for the Starter or Boss Mode plan and then add Art to your plan at $20 per seat. Check Jasper Art
  • Free SEO Course Worth $499: Get an SEO course for $499 value-free with a Jasper Account. Learn and implement SEO with Jasper.
  • Free Copywriting Course Worth $199: Get a free copywriting course with a $199 value. Free with Jasper account.
  • Free AI Content Agency Course Worth $1000: Get a free content agency course and learn how to onboard content projects, create agency content at scale and more with Blogging Rocks!

Never pay extra for your favourite tool again! Use these Jasper AI coupon codes, promo codes and offers before you check out and save money.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to understand the scope and generate high-quality content with the best words possible.

All plans come with a 5-day Money Back Guarantee by Jasper.ai Team. Jasper is our favourite and one of the best ai copywriting tools available out there in the market.

Jasper AI Lifetime Deal 2024🦾

If you are looking for a Jasper.ai lifetime deal then let me tell you that Jasper AI copywriting tool doesn’t offer the lifetime deal 😢 in 2024. But, if you go for an annual pricing plan you will get 2 months free which is the best Jasper AI deal I can recommend to you. So for now there are no Jasper.ai lifetime deals.

But nothing to be sad about this as you can use Jasper for free for 5 days with their free trial offer. 😍

I hope you got the best deal with our Jasper AI offers post.

How To Apply Jasper AI Coupon Code?🦾

  • Visit the "Jasper AI" latest deal page.
  • Choose your plan from Starter $24, or Boss Mode $49. Go for yearly pricing.
  • Click on the sign-up button.
  • Complete your registration.
  • Start using this amazing tool.

If you are searching phrases like Jasper.ai coupon, Jarvis AI coupon code, Jasper.ai copywriting discount, etc. then your search ends here with this post.

I want you to not waste your precious time searching terms like the above-mentioned keywords. Hence, I created this post where I have mentioned all Jasper Plans and Jasper offers for you in one place.

How do you use Jasper.ai?🤖

Here are some amazing types of content you can create using this mind-blowing copywriting tool Jasper.ai.

  1. It can write long articles for your business website or blog.
  2. You can use Jasper to write high-converting sales copy.
  3. It can also write cold emails, and subject lines for your product launch.
  4. In case you don't want a whole blog post, you can use Jarvis to generate post introduction paragraphs or even an amazing conclusion.
  5. You can generate blog post topic ideas.
  6. You can write the entire book using Jasper.
  7. It uses AIDA, and PAS to write amazing copy and also supports the BAB Before-After-Bridge framework.
  8. You can also use Jasper for video scripts, video titles, introductions, and super-engaging descriptions.
  9. If you are an eCommerce store owner, you can generate product titles, and descriptions using Jasper.

and many more content pieces using 50+ different templates. Check all Jasper Templates Now!

Simply you have to create a free account and use conversion ai login, you are good to explore the tool and write some killer copies.

🦾 Jasper AI Subscription Models Explained

You can take a monthly or annual subscription based on your requirement. Monthly: $29 for the starter plan and $59 for the BossMode plan. Annually: $24 for the starter plan and $49 for the Boss mode plan.

1. Jasper.ai Starter Plan Features

This plan begins at $29 per month or $24 per month when paid yearly. It comes with a 20,000-word limit. You can opt for a free trial to add an extra 10,000 words from the Blogging Rocks team.

  • Remove writer's block and create amazing short-form copies.
  • You will get access to more than 50 templates for short-form copywriting.
  • There is no limit to the number of people that may use this starter plan.
  • You can create up to five project folders.
  • You can create short-form content in more than 25 languages.
  • Get access to the premium Facebook community.

If you are looking for an AI writer for short-form copies like Facebook Ads, Instagram captions and Google Ads, then the Jasper Starter plan is the best choice.

2. Jasper.ai Boss Mode Plan Features

This plan begins at $59 per month or $49 per month when paid yearly. It comes with a 50,000-word limit. You can opt for a free trial to add an extra 10,000 words from the Blogging Rocks team.

  • Remove writer's block and create engaging long-form posts.
  • You will get access to more than 55 templates for short-form and long-form copywriting.
  • You will get access to Jasper commands and recipes to create up to 5000 words of content in under 10 minutes.
  • It allows for a lookback of up to 3,000 characters when you generate AI content.
  • Plus everything you get in the starter plan includes.

If you are looking for an AI writer for long-form content posts like essays, white papers, blog posts and articles, then the Jasper Boss Mode plan is the best choice.

🦾Jasper AI Ratings: Why Choose Jasper.ai copywriting software?

Jasper.ai is listed on all the leading software review platforms like G2.com and Capterra with over 5400+ reviews. You can find Jasper on Trustpilot as well. 

The average customer rating for Jasper AI copywriting software is 4.8 out of 5 on all three leading review platforms.

1) G2 Jasper.ai Ratings:

G2 is a leading software review platform with over 1,490,000+ authentic reviews from real users. Jasper has rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars at G2.com with 797 reviews and 10 discussions thread.

2) Capterra Jarvis AI Ratings:

Capterra helps you find the best software for your business with reviews, ratings, comparing options, infographics, and more.  Jarvis AI has rated 4.9 stars out of 5 stars at Capterra.com with 1212 reviews.

3) Trustpilot Conversion.ai Jarvis Jasper AI Ratings:

Trustpilot is an online platform where you can share your product experience with the world. Jasper.ai copywriting tool has rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars at Trustpilot.com with 3497 reviews.

These are the three leading review platforms where Jasper AI is listed and consumers like you sharing their experiences with this amazing AI copywriting tool.

🦾Top 10 Jasper Alternatives in 2024

There are alternatives available that you can try in case you find Jasper expensive or difficult to use. Click and learn more about Jasper AI competitor's reviews, pricing and content generation features.

Here are the top 10 Jasper.ai competitors that you can consider for your content requirements in 2024.

According to the Blogging Rocks team, ClosersCopy, Frase and LongShot are the top three recommendations that you can explore right now.

  1. ClosersCopy - AI Copywriting Tool
  2. Frase.io - AI Content Tool to Improve Organic Search Traffic
  3. Rytr.me - AI Content Generator
  4. Copy.ai - AI Marketing Copy Generator
  5. Outranking.io - SEO-Friendly AI Writer
  6. LongShot.ai - AI Blog Content Writer
  7. Copymatic - AI Content Writer
  8. Craftly.ai - New AI Copywriter
  9. Copysmith - AI Copywriter
  10. Smart Copy - AI-Powered Content Writer

🤖In comparison with other AI  copywriting tools, How reliable is Jasper.ai?

After reviewing the Jasper competitors and trying their features and content limit, I have to say that Jasper.ai is one of the best AI copywriting assistant tools on the market that you can use today to grow your website.

Quick Questions & Answers About Jasper AI🤖

🤖What all can Jasper AI write for you?

Jasper AI is trained by experienced content writers and conversion experts. It has the skills to write amazing content that attracts attention and converts. It can write creative stories, sales emails, long-form articles, engaging descriptions, and high-converting ad copies for Instagram, Google, Linkedin and more. This is the best ai writer we know.

🤖Is Jasper AI worth it?

Yes, 100% It's worth it, Jasper is a value-for-money deal if you want to create content at scale. We are using the pro plan for the last 3 months now and are super happy with the output.

🤖Does Jasper will do everything for you?

It's a copywriting assistant that enhances your writing experience. Jasper can not do everything on its own. You need to give inputs or commands to Jasper as per your content requirement.

🤖Is Jasper AI free?

No, Jasper AI is not free. It doesn’t allow any free plan as of now but what you can do is you can opt for Jasper's free trial that offers 10,000 free word credits which are valid for 7 days. But for that, you have to signup for a free trial of one of the paid plans using your credit card. You are free to cancel your account within 5-days in case you don't like the tool.

🤖What is Jasper AI alternative?

You can consider a few options when searching for alternatives to Jasper AI. I have collected a list of tools based on overall ratings and customer experience which are the best competitors to Jasper.ai, including Smart Copy AI, Rytr, Writesonic, Copysmith, Copy AI, and Outranking.

🤖Is Jasper.ai The Best AI Copywriting Tool?

No doubt, This is the best ai content writing tool for business owners and content creators to scale their content campaigns and improve engagements.

🤖 Once my 5-Day Jasper Free Trial is over, will I be charged?

Yes, you will be charged for the respective Jasper AI plan that you selected while signing up. If you are unhappy with the product, you can cancel your Jasper account within the trial period to avoid charges.

🤖What is the pricing of Jasper.ai?

Jasper AI has two affordable pricing plans along with a free trial: Check Jasper AI Pricing

Starter Plan Cost: $29/mo
Boss Mode Cost: Price $59/mo

Update 22nd November 2021: Boss Mode new pricing revealed. Now BossMode is affordable to everyone. The plan starts at $59 per month for 50k words. Jasper.ai offers two affordable pricing plans. Starter for Short-form content and Boss mode for Long-form content.

🤖Does Jasper.ai offer a Lifetime Deal?

No, as of now there is no lifetime deal on Jasper AI. And if you want to know why does Jasper does not offer LTD, you can read our Jasper.ai Lifetime Deal paragraph on the top.

🤖 Explore Other Deals

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Jasper jarvis ai copywriting offers, deals, coupon codes 2021

🤖 Verdict for Jasper AI Coupon Code:

If you are in search of the best AI copywriting assistant software that is easy to use and has lots of different content templates then look no further than Jasper.ai.

Jasper can help you generate high-quality content fast without needing a team of content experts or overpriced paid copywriters.

The free trial lets you start with this powerful tool today, so why not try it? At the very least, it can help streamline your workflow and save valuable time in the content-writing process.

Ready to scale your content campaigns with Jasper? Sign up today & Get 10,000 FREE credits for Jasper

Do let us know your experience with Jasper AI or Jarvis AI in the comment section below.


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    1. Hey Lucas, Thanks for your comment. Cotent creation is not a big problem after this revolutionary NPL technology.


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