Exclusive Smart Copy Unbounce Coupon Codes: Get 49% Off in 2022

Are you looking for Smart Copy discounts or Smart Copy Unbounce coupon codes in 2022 to get the best price for this new AI copywriting tool?

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In this post, I am listing all the latest pricing, coupons and promo codes related to the Smart Copy AI content writing tool that you can use and save money.

Best Smart Copy Deal of 2022: Smart Copy is an AI-powered content writing assistant software that generates any type of content using AI. They offer over 30 most-used copywriting templates for content creation. Save 49% on Yearly Plans at Blogging Rocks. Check Smart Copy Offer Pricing Now alert-success

Latest Smart Copy Coupon Codes, Offers & Promo Codes in 2022

At Blogging Rocks, you can find the latest Smart Copy copywriting tool deals, offers and SmartCopy Unbounce discount coupons. The best Smart Copy deal is waiting to be claimed.

1. Pay Only $29 for unlimited writing: Upgrade to unlimited short and long-form copy for $29/month for life. Copy smart copy coupon code ZIQBVRIU and apply on checkout.

2. Get 49% Off on Yearly Plans: Get Smart Copy Growth Plan at just $25 per month and save a flat 49% on annual plans using our special discount link. The actual pricing is $49 per month. Save 59% Now

3. Free Plan: Generate Up to 5 amazing content pieces per day using the Smart Copy free plan. Claim Free Plan Now

Need to write a blog post? Ad copy? Emails? Taglines? Product descriptions?

Well, Smart Copy has got a content template for that.

What is Smart Copy?

Smart Copy is part of Unbounce which is a leading landing page builder company. Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that writes, remixes, and expands content instantly with the help of GPT-3 technology.

With Smart Copy, you can create content for over thirty different content use cases in almost real-time -- individually tailored to meet your audience's needs.

Features of Smart Copy AI Tool:

1. Ad Copy: With templates like Google Ads Generator and Facebook Primary Text Creator, you can create highly engaging ad copies without worrying about the word count or the ad copy layout requirements.

2. Create Catchy Headlines & Descriptions: You can quickly generate dozens of catchy headlines and product descriptions using Tagline Generator and Description Generator templates.

3. Sales Outreach Emails: You can create custom, persuasive email copy to reach out to prospects and stakeholders directly in no time.

4. Landing Page Copies: You can build content variants for your landing pages that speak to different audiences using the Landing Page Copy Generator template.

5. Amazon Templates: You can now generate a list of new titles and descriptions for your latest product, ready to post to Amazon using their Amazon content templates.

6. SEO Titles & Descriptions: You can create highly clickable SEO titles and descriptions using Smart Copy templates that get clicks from search engines.

7. Youtube: You can generate an eye-catching introduction for your business Youtube channel with the help of a YouTube description template.

And 23 More Amazing Templates...

Smart Copy offers a library of 30+ amazing copywriting templates to support all your copy needs with the help of artificial intelligence.

How does Unbounce Smart Copy work?

Smart Copy uses GPT-3 technology to take your text and generate a range of options for launching your copy creation from scratch. You can easily improve texts, create follow-up sentences, or extend the copy you have generated; Smart Copy makes it easy to create copy that is seamless and effortless.


Smart Copy can be used as a standalone web application, or you can use their free Chrome extension for AI copywriting.


You can use Smart Copy in any platform, including emails, Google documents, writing assistants, WordPress dashboard or Unbounce when creating landing pages for your business.

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