Coupon Codes, Promo Offers & Discount Codes for 2022

Are you searching for a discount or Frase IO coupon code in 2022 to save money on this AI content tool?

In this post, we are sharing all the latest coupons and promo codes related to the Frase IO content generation tool that you can use and save money.

Latest Frase io Coupon Codes, Offers & Promo Discount Codes in 2022

Check all the latest content tool deals, offers, and Frase discount coupons at Blogging Rocks. Claim the best deal now.

  1. 80% Discount: Get a special 80% discount on your first month's purchase, just click here and use coupon code frase80 at checkout.
  2. 7-Day Trial for $1: Click & Grab 7 Day Trial for just $1 and You can generate up to 30 documents with unlimited words for 7 days. A great deal for beginners.
  3. Save 15% on Basic PlanGet a flat 15% on the basic plan at $38/mo and $459/year where you can create up to 30 docs with 1 user access.
  4. Save 15% on Team Plan: Get a flat 15% on the team plan at $97/mo and $1,173/year where you can create unlimited documents with access to 3 users.
  5. Monthly Basic Plan starts at $44.99/mo: The plan is for people who are just starting out with AI content creation and SEO content marketing. Check Pricing Plans
  6. Monthly Team Plan starts at $114.99/mo: This plan is for people who want to write more advanced content with the help of artificial intelligence. Check Pricing Plans
  7. Black Friday Offer 2022: This offer is for people who want the best price for Frase software to write amazing content with the help of artificial intelligence. Check Black Friday Pricing Plans
  8. [Expired] Frase Holiday Special Discount: Use Frase AI coupon code "winter2021" to get 15% off your subscription for 1 year at Blogging Rocks.

Frase coupon codes are available for the SEO content curation tools. Blogging Rocks has Frase trials, discount coupons and lifetime deals for users.

What is

Do you want to attract and convert more customers from organic search in 2022? then you should try the content writing tool. is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps you do content research, write content, and optimize high-quality content which is SEO-friendly in minutes instead of hours.

Frase is an excellent software powered by Artificial Intelligence, that can generate SEO focused content in no time for any topic.

It is a great tool that generates search-engine-optimized content by discovering the right key phrases and questions for your blog post on the given topic. So if you want SEO optimized content with relevant keywords and topics then Frase is the best AI writer for you.

Anyone can use this too, It works great for bloggers, marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs and content writers.

Pros of

I discovered the AI writer tool to be a smart SEO content tool. It offers some exceptional and powerful content features that enhance your organic search presence at affordable rates.

1. Content Research: This feature can create well-studied topic summaries within minutes. Using this, you can create highly optimized content that boosts your search engine rankings.

2. Fill Content Gaps: This feature helps you recognise and fix topic content gaps for your articles.

3. Save Time: This is a great time saver app that one can use for SEO content creation. You can save time consumed researching content.

4. Easy UI: This tool offers a clean and really simple user interface for content generation.

5. Unlimited Content: With the Team plan you can save 15% and at the same time you get access to create unlimited documents and queries.

Cons of

1. Need Improvements in AI Assistant: AI Assistant offered by Frase is not the best as compared to other ai copywriting tools.

2. No Mobile App: It doesn’t feature any mobile and desktop applications as of now. You can only access it in the web version. Trial for $1 in 2022

Frase offers a 7-day trial for $1 where you can complete the below workflows on Frase and learn the platform for content creation. It doesn't offer a free trial.

  • Generate a content brief or outline
  • Create content with the help of AI
  • Optimize content and beat your competitor's topic score

Frase Update December 2021: New AI Drafts, Outline Builder & More

Last week, announced the release of a new outlining tool, an automatic draft generator and more.

Here are 3 key components from the update:

AI Drafts: Turn content outlines into AI-generated full drafts with the help of Frase.
Outline Builder: A completely reimagined outline builder for better outlines, faster.
Topic Planner: A new tool for developing topic authority in your content.

You can watch this video for an overview of the new features.

Everyone has access to these features. Add-on customers can run unlimited AI drafts and enhance the Topic Planner with search volume data. Learn more on the website.

As time goes by, these features will become even better and more powerful; as of this moment, they are available in a public beta.

FAQ's Related to Frase AI Writer

What is Frase AI?

Frase is able to help you research, write, and improve high-quality content in minutes. The AI writer is trusted by 50,000+ copywriters, SEO professionals, and marketing teams across the globe.

Does Frase offer a free trial?

Frase io offers a 7-day trial deal for just $1. They keep running this offer at regular intervals. So if you want to try this tool then keep checking their website.

How much does Frase cost? offers three pricing plans. The basic plan costs $44.99 per month, the Team plan costs $114.99 per month and the Enterprise plan for large companies can be requested via contacting the Frase team.

Who uses Frase?

According to Frase, 1000s of content teams and individual professionals use Frase on a daily basis for SEO-friendly content creation. Everyone from writers to digital agencies to Fortune 50 companies.

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