10 Ways to Earn Side Income Online in 2021 at Blogging Rocks

 Looking for the best ways to make money online in 2021?

how to make money online in 2021

Today you will know various side hustle options that you can start with a purpose to learn new skills and earn money online in the future.

You get an insight into the type of work you need to do in order to set up the hustle, the skills that you can learn, other requirements, and the likely time frame in which you can expect to start earning from your side hustle.

1. Start a blog

A blog is your online space where you share your thoughts, creative expressions, stories, and views with the world. The blogs can be a hobby blog or professional topics.

To set up a blog you need to buy a domain name, a hosting account, and do WordPress installation work. You also need to add up themes and a few plugins that would give your blog a visible look, security, and other functionality.

The money required to carry out the blog setup range from $50 to $150.

You will learn new skills like understanding what is engaging content, blog setup, user experience & engagement, delivering value and getting traffic to your blog.

Your blog will take some time, something like a year or two before you start earning. So keep patience till that time and keep on helping your reader with useful and engaging content.

2. Freelance Writing

If you understand the people’s problem, are keen to do some research and comfortable writing then you can easily set up freelance writing as your side hustle.

You do not have to spend any money on getting started because there are platforms like Upwork and Freelancer where you can create your account, upload samples, and reach out to clients.

Starting as a freelance writer you will develop skills to do research, understand your audience's intent and then put them in simple words. This may sound easy but with practice, you can learn to create a great piece of content.

The earning will happen as soon as you start writing for clients, other bloggers, or when you ghostwrite for busy professionals on their blog.

3. Offer Video Editing Services

If you have skills in video editing, animation and creating small video ads then you can put that skill to start your side hustle. All you need is to create an account on a platform like Fiverr -an online platform for listing out your side hustle and reaching out to clients.

In the initial phase, you can list your portfolio of the work that you can showcase to your clients. Later you can ask for a reference from your earlier clients to find new clients.

Creating an account does not require any money but it will take some time to earn until you find a client. This can be a few days to a month to get your first client.

Skills that you will learn are - creating an engaging video or animated content, product pricing, negotiation skills and schedule delivery skills.

4. Managing Social Media for Small Businesses

Small businesses and startups are run mostly by solo entrepreneurs who don't have time to engage with their audience and manage their Facebook or other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Helping such small businesses can be your side hustle if you have the required skills. NO initial investment is required to start the side hustle but you need to commit a substantial amount of time engaging with the audience. You can earn money as you start your hustle.

The skills that you will learn are people management, time management and creating an engaged community.

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

If you have marketing skills then you can try building affiliate marketing as your side hustle. This will entirely be a new experience that is different from the traditional marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you will reach out to your audience using different channels (like website, email, or FB group) by creating engaging content. Later, you will help them by suggesting useful third party products that they can buy using your link on platforms like Amazon and other affiliate networks.

To get started with the affiliate marketing side hustle you need to invest money in the range of $150 to $300 in buying a domain, hosting, and affiliate marketing related themes and plugins. If you are not creating the content then you need to pay writers to get the content done.

You will learn new skills like setting an affiliate website, SEO techniques, creating landing pages and optimization skills. It may take six months to a year before you see some kind of earnings.

6. Online Tutoring

Your expertise and experience can be used to start an online tutoring side hustle. Students, college-going undergrads, and even working professionals need a hand holding on certain areas.

This is where you can help them with their subject matter or teach them a new skill in which you are an expert.

You can start the hustle by registering with online tutoring platforms like Skooli, Tutorme, Vedantu and others. The registration requires a few minutes to fill up your subjects and create your profile.

You need to select your time and the platform may charge you a few hundred rupees to highlight your profile and help your finding initial students.

You have the flexibility to set the fees and start earning, but more than that you will learn online course delivery and time management skills.

7. Design logos & Graphics

If you're graphically inclined and are ready to learn using tools and software like Adobe, Photoshop and Illustrator, then you can use it for your side hustle.

To get started you need to create an account on a platform like 99 designs and upload your graphic or logo work. You can also use platforms like Upwork to showcase your designs.

You are not charged any money to submit your design. But you are likely to earn only when your design is accepted as the winning design.

At that point, you will have to give all the right to the buyer platform who sells them to other clients. You will learn new graphic and design-related software & tools and how to pitch to the clients.

8. Offer Personal Coaching

There are people looking out for help to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals. They need some motivation and inspiration. If you have the skill to motivate people then you can begin hustle by becoming a personal trainer or a coach.

You will be required to deliver personalized meal plans or construct workout routines based on specific individual needs. The money investment will depend on the channel that you want to find your clients.

For example, if you are starting with a blog or Facebook Ads then you may need $50 to $250 to set up your blog or place your ads. But if you are going through reference to find clients then you may not spend any money.

More than the money you will learn to deliver personalized advisory and manage the client's aspirations.

9. Building a Mobile app

If you know coding or software development skills then you can try creating smartphone apps as your side hustle.

You need to register with the app development platform that may charge you fees for using their programs and tools. The fees range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000 per month or for developing, testing and launching a specific number of apps.

You can use platforms like Swing2App or Appy Pie. The earning will depend on how popular your app will become and the number of downloads and the fee that you are going to charge for the premium service.

But definitely, you will learn more about user experience and skill to find and solve people's problems.

10. Offer Virtual Assistant Services

If you have time and your skills revolve around organizing things, helping people, doing research, digital marketing, making reservations, or simply helping people with odd jobs then you can create a side hustle for yourself as a virtual assistant.

You can start by registering yourself at virtual assistant websites like 24/7 Virtual Assistant or WoodBows. Some of the platforms may charge a fee for onboarding as virtual assistants.

You will learn using online tools, conduct basic research & collect data, organizing skills and improve on English speaking skills. The earning will happen soon and will depend on the help that you are offering to clients.

You can start any side hustle based on your skills and opportunity available and that you enjoy doing. It will take some time to build on your side hustle. Make sure you don't quit.

You can also buy a running online business and save the initial time if you have a basic set of skills to run that business and funds to invest.

I hope these 10 suggestions are helpful for you. Do let me know in case of any query in the comment section below.

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