Best WordPress Hosting in 2021 (Secured, Reliable & Fast) Work In Progress!

Looking for the best WordPress Web Hosting in 2021?

Well, you must choose a good web hosting company in order to go online and have a self-hosted WordPress blog or website.

WordPress hosting is essential for every self-hosted WordPress website online. It works as an online place for your site that allows your domain name someplace to point to so users can actually enter into your website.

Many bloggers and small business owners are under-served by the available web hosting platforms. They often struggle to find a hosting provider that meets their needs, can support their website and is affordable.

We offer an alternative to the industry standard by providing top-notch customer service, an easy-to-use dashboard, fixed monthly pricing, and more.

Below are a few of our favourite web hosting companies. The links are affiliate links, but we actually use and recommend all of these companies, and we know they work great with WordPress websites.

1) Bluehost - Overall Best

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress host, Bluehost is worth looking at. They offer a variety of plans, including very affordable ones starting from $2.65 per month for people who are just starting out their website. They have an excellent reputation among the WordPress community. Even WordPress talks about Bluehost. 

Learn More about Bluehost

What Makes Bluehost Hosting Special?

Recommended by since 2005

24x7 Online Support

Free Domain Name

Free SSL Certificate

Managing Over 2 Million Websites Worldwide

1-Click WordPress Install & More.

Learn more at Bluehost!

2) Dreamhost - Second Best

3) Hostinger - The Most Affordable

4) WPX Hosting - The Premium Host

5) Namecheap - Pocket-Friendly

EasyWP with free SSL Build your WP website with EasyWP. Now with free SSL on select plans.

6) Nestify - Budget Friendly is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that you can choose for your WP website, which runs on AWS graviton processors.

nestify wordpress web hosting

Check Nestify Pricing & Free Trial

Nestify offers managed WordPress hosting services powered by AWS. Various companies using their hsoting services to improve website speed, reduce interruptions and boost conversions.

If you are looking for high performance, managed WordPress and WooCommerce (WordPress E-Commerce) hosting services?

You can check out Nestify hosting services and make your website lightning fast.

Learn about Nestify WordPress Hosting Pricing

7) Kinsta - The Premium One

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting services provider. We use them here at Blogging Rocks, and everything you get with Kinsta is just awesome.

Their servers are amazingly fast, and their customer support is stabler than any other hosting company by a decent margin.

They aren’t as affordable as the other hosting options in the article, but it offers great value if you can afford them. They’re worth every penny spent.

8) Cloudways

Cloudways is another good option when it comes to WordPress website hosting. They are a managed host where you can choose your server from providers like Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr and Linode.

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