Writesonic Coupon Codes, Offers & Promo Discounts in 2023 (Save Up To 60% Off)

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Writesonic is an advanced AI writing platform that specializes in generating SEO-optimized content for various platforms such as blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify e-commerce stores. Learn more at Writesonic.com!

With this cutting-edge paraphrasing tool, you can effortlessly rephrase entire articles in a matter of seconds.

Their writing services are provided to you completely free of charge, ensuring that you can enhance your online presence without any financial burden.

You can trust Writesonic to deliver high-quality, engaging content that not only captivates your audience but also boosts your search engine rankings.

Experience the power of AI-driven writing and revolutionize your content creation process today.

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What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI content writing software that saves marketers hours by generating high-converting content from scratch using artificial intelligence.

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Get rid of writers' block once and for all! Using Writesonic’s AI copywriting assistant, you don't need any technical expertise at all. You just type away and get results within minutes!

Latest Writesonic Coupons, Offers and Lifetime Deals in 2023

Check all the latest Writesonic AI copywriting tool coupon codes, lifetime deals, and promo discount coupons at Blogging Rocks. Try for free using our special link.

  1. Save Up To 35% on Writesonic: Click & Grab flat 35% off on all Writesonic plans. Use Coupon Code NY35
  2. Get Up To 60% on Writesonic: Click & Grab up to 60% off on all Writesonic plans. Use Coupon Sonic60
  3. Save Up To 30% on Writesonic: Click & Grab flat 30% off on all Writesonic plans. Use Coupon BFCM30
  4. Save 20% on Writesonic: Get a professional plan at $450 per year and save a flat 20% on your purchase in 2023.
  5. Free Trial For New Users: Click & Grab 10 credits for completely free. Using this link you can generate up to 10 amazing content pieces for free using Writesonic. A great deal for beginners.
  6. Get Small Team at $15/month: Get access to all copywriting features. This plan offers 75 content credits which you can use for short-form & long-form content. A great deal for personal content use.
  7. Get Freelancer Plan at $16/month: This plan offers unlimited credits and access to all the features. A great plan for freelance writers.
  8. Get Startup Plan at $95/month: The startup plan also offers unlimited credits for content generation. This plan is the best fit for startups and small businesses.
  9. Get Agency Plan at $500/month: Generate unlimited content using Agency plan with access to all features. This plan is ideal for large businesses and digital agencies that need content at scale.
  10. Get 2 Months Free on Annual Plans: Choose any plan and pay annually to get 2 months free with Blogging Rocks. Simply follow the link to choose the desired plan.

Explore Writesonic's range of pricing plans tailored to suit your budget and specific requirements, enabling you to generate top-notch content effortlessly.

Alternatively, avail yourself of our complimentary trial to experience the remarkable capabilities of this AI writing feature.

What all can the Writesonic AI tool write for you?

Writesonic is built on its own AI system that analyzes thousands of pages every day and learns which words perform best for each brand.

It has an understanding of which words convert best for your business and how to use them effectively.

You can write various types of content using Writesonic:

1. Website Copy

  • Landing Pages
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Headers
  • SEO Meta Descriptions

2. Digital Ads Copy

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

3. Article/Blog Copy

  • AI Article Writer
  • Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines
  • Content Rephraser & Expander
  • Article Summaries
  • Grammar Fixer
  • Readability Checker

4. eCommerce Copy

  • Amazon Product Titles
  • Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Sales Emails

5. Copywriting Formulas

  • Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • AIDA

6. Other Writing Templates

  • Press Releases
  • Company and Personal Bios
  • Startup Ideas
  • YouTube Video Copy
  • Growth Ideas
  • Product Names

How does WriteSonic work?

1. Choose from the collection of over 100 copywriting samples including landing page designs, sales letters, blog posts, ebooks, websites, etc.

2. Describe your business briefly by entering one line for each section below. For example, if you sell shoes online, enter "Trekking Shoes" under Business Name.

3. Click Generate to create a dozen different variations of your landing page headline.

4. You'll be able to edit, copy, share and even launch your own version of the document.

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