12 Best AI Writing Software in 2022 [Top AI Copywriting Tools]

You know how hard copywriting is. In this post, you will learn how to make copywriting easy with the help of AI writing software and content writing tools.

Copywriting can be easy if you use one of the best ai powered copywriting tools in 2022.

In this post, I am sharing the top 12 best content writing software you can use for creating high-quality content.

In case you are in hurry... here are our top ai copywriting software recommendations for you.

Our Top 3 AI Writing Software Recommendations

After evaluating all the good tools available in the market and using them further, I have come to cheer up Jasper formerly Jarvis.aiClosersCopy.com and Rytr.me. All three tools are great choices in every aspect and that's what makes it a perfect copywriting tool for everyone.

Jasper.ai is also affordable and more powerful with Boss mode you can set a custom plan for yourself. Do you need anything else? Once you will start using it, you'll find this tool to be a perfect choice for you and for your every need.

You can also explore Closerscopy and Rytr for effortless AI content writing.

Top 12 Best AI Writing Software & Tools in 2022

Find all the details about twelve professional AI copywriting software and tools available online that content writers and creators can consider in 2022.

1) Jasper.ai (Previously Jarvis.ai, Conversion.ai)

jasper ai best ai copywriting tool

What is Jasper AI? (Formerly Jarvis)

Jasper.ai is a copywriter robot by AI that enables you to produce both short and long-form content. With Jasper.ai, you can write ad copy, email swipes, video scripts, video presentations, and even full blog articles. Check Jasper AI website

User Interface and Features of Jasper AI

After the first registration has been completed, you will get a few questions about the sort of industry you want Conversion.ai, your agency, or your own company. You must also add a name for your account and your domain.

When finished, the main dashboard is laid up extremely effectively with properly labelled template rows.

● Overcome writer's block effortlessly.

 60+ AI-enabled copywriting templates.

 Marketing copy of the website homepage, social media posts, ads and more.

 Jasper commands and Jasper recipes to create content fast.

 SEO integration, Copyscape and Grammarly.

 It writes and translates into over 25 languages.

This list won't stop here. I mean, just look at the template varieties they are providing to you. Being a copywriting software that gives you this vastness, it is considered the best copywriting tool.

Marketing Frameworks

The Marketing Framework templates are beneficial to design sales letters for launches and promotions of your products.

You may be confident of the quality and perform just little editing before releasing the material as follows a tried-and-tested formula to generate attention and lead.

Compared to other similar solutions, this is undoubtedly one of the USPs of Conversion.ai. You can also read the complete Jarvis.ai review here.

PPC Ads Copy

A lot of A/B testing has to be performed before you discover the perfect material. Jasper can enable you to develop ad manuscripts and descriptions for Google and Facebook ads in this situation.

Long-Form Content

Another feature in Conversion.ai is the long-form content wizard. It allows you to produce a whole blog article on a particular subject.

It is truly unbelievable how much time and cash you might save, especially if you are a content marketing or an SEO business with several clients.

The longer the description, the more precise the information provided by Jasper, and the more specific the article you want is. The primary keyword for this post may also be specified.

Content Improver

This may be pretty beneficial if you or your organization have numerous VA's producing content. You may utilize Content Improver to acquire the final polished version of the post from the VA's as an initial draught.

Surfer SEO Integration

If you wish to produce SEO-optimized material in Jasper fully, Surfer SEO is a native integration tool that can also generate keywords.

If you have fresh sets to Surfer SEO, there is a unique promotion for converting AI users, where you can receive a 30-day test for one dollar only. You may link your surfer account by setting it up.

Is it worth using Jasper.ai (Jarvis.ai)?

When I first came to know about this tool, I was highly impressed with its broad navigation and tools. Even if you are using it for the first time, you can still get used to the interface, which is easy to use.

You can read Jasper reviews here.

While using it, I have made a few points that make this tool stand apart from all the existing tools available.

Jasper Free Trial

Jasper.ai offers a free trial where you can 10,000 words of free credit using our link.

Jasper Price

The basic plan starts at $29/month, and if you want the best of this, you can use Boss Mode Plan for $59/month.

Check Jasper Free Trial & Pricing Now!

2) Writersonic

writesonic best copywriting software

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a suite of AI-enabled writing tools that assist you in producing a better marketing copy quickly.

It's like having your pocket copywriter ready to support any material, from Facebook and Google advertising to homepages, product descriptions, blog articles, etc. Check Writesonic website

Writesonic not only helps you create content, but it can also provide ideas to bring your business to the next level or titles to your videos on your YouTube.

How its UI works?

Just type the topic you want. In a matter of seconds, ten blogs per article subject thoughts will be generated for you. You can only choose one from the list and continue to the next stage from the results.

You must create an intro with a minimum of 100-150 words for the AI to collect here for your post.

All you do is put in the title of your post, and in seconds, you will have five intros. The beginning of this essay is the precise outcome of the tool.

Writesonic produces five unique contours for your content to be made by pressing a button. Could you select only one, and it's nice to go?

And every piece is still modifiable at this final phase. This means that the title may be changed, or a few more areas can be added.

 Is it worth using Writesonic?

As predicted, compared to a human writer, it still lacks a little. It can't utilize various tones, emotions, or phrases.

In addition, you must let the program understand your sound characteristics. This depends on the type of material that you submit. A short AI content writer edition could imply writing a complicated essay.

I could not depend on only one single article produced by the AI to clarify my views beneath each part. Instead, I had to select various portions from 3 to 4 pieces to finish my discussion.

This indicates that around 70% of the AI Assistant's output is suitable to publish.

Writesonic Pricing

For their unlimited plan, Writesonic is now on offer for $39 a week. Usually $89/month. And they provide a free trial as well.

Check Writesonic Pricing & Trials Now

3) Copy.ai

copy.ai copywriting tool

What is Copy.ai?

Copy AI provides GPT-3-produced automatic copywriting services.

Copy AI is based on six distinct forms of copying, although more possibilities are accessible when creating an account: social networking, blog material, website copying, e-commerce product descriptions, sales copying, and digital ad copying. Check Copy.ai Website

These are essential bits of material that contribute to the production of income in a particular location. 

While a freelance marketer says that Copy AI can do these things better than that, they provide a reasonably attractive value proposition.

Its approach would not only be less costly, but it would also remove the time and irritation in contacting, assessing, and certifying self-employed individuals.

Features of Copy.ai

For me, it is not as extensive as Jasper.ai is. Though it comes with comprehensive content research templates.

You can have as many templates as you need to create them for you. With around 90+ copywriting templates you can create quality content.

User Interface

I don't have a fully-fledged user interface, but some things bother me too much when I use this device. First, there's far too little in the list of over 60 content templates.

I practically have to strain to read the list. Therefore it's a headache to find the template I want. 

Secondly, it outputs in this awful sequence of boxes on the right side of my screen every time I produce any text in Copy.AI.

I can't read anything in every box and must browse through those small boxes to do that.

No long-form content tentative

I appreciate Copy.AI not jumping instantly like many of their competitors onto the long-form content bandwagon.

Long-form material runs against the spirit of Open AI and GTP-3 (which are currently built on most of these technologies).

Thus doing is not simple. It's lovely to see Copy.AI keeping away instead of rushing in with something substandard.

Is it worth using copy.ai?

Copy.AI is burying itself in a mound of content templates, as do many other AI tools at now. In this race with arms in AI, all of them appear to believe that pumping out implies as much as possible.

It's confusing for me quickly! I'd always be looking for fewer well-designed and good-quality templates.

So overall, you start using this with a straightforward cheesy trial and decide yourself whether to use it or not.

Copy.AI is one of the best tools out there. No Doubt, but when you have multiple features-fledged tools in the market, it's useless to go for another.

CopyAI Price

 $35 per month for solo and even you can go for a custom plan.

Start Your Free 7 Day Trial with Copy.ai 

4) Smart Copy Unbounce

smart copy ai writing software

What is Smart Copy?

Smart Copy Unbounce is an exciting technology that takes the agony out of generating content for marketing.

Developing content that promotes your business and interacts with potential consumers is one of the essential marketing activities. Check Smart Copy Website

Key Features of Smart Copy Tool

This ai copywriting tool has multiple features such which are too general and pleasing to use.

Many of its features are close to Writesonic, but it is not as extensive as it should be as a tool. Let's have a look at what sort of features this has:

Products description tools

Using brainstorming tools, brainstorm a wide range of ideas. Viral ideas, growth ideas, business ideas, and even future product ideas can be used.

Blogging tools

People may also use this as a personal means, such as birthday card subtitles, love letters, resume bullet points, or Instagram Copy AI subtitles, and many more.

Social ads tools

Smart Copy lets you create social media ads easily, which will catch the sight of your viewer easily. It's is not highly optimized when compared with other platforms.

Email copy tools

Email tactics and making the subject worth reading at first is a bit complicated task. You need either a copywriter or use a better copywriting tool. Smart copy gives you the same with an enhanced multiple search option.

Is it worth using Smart Copy?

To be honest, the templates of the website are not the greatest. They are too familiar that paying for them doesn't seem significant, but it is worth using if you need those generally.

Writing function is not recommended for producers of SEO-driven content; You can opt for lots of feature instead of it. Keywords functioning isn't too smooth.

Content optimization does not matter to Smart Copy AI; it doesn't mean you won't get good content, though. Optimization needs to be the forte for every tool, but Smart copy lacks a bit here.

Smart Copy Ai capabilities quite well in attempting to find out how to produce content as quickly as feasible. The analysis of your data and the production of material in seconds is excellent.

However, this tool cannot be used alone to create material because the content cannot be optimized. It might harm the SEO of your website.

Smart Copy Price

You can get it for $25 per month and if take the annual plan then it will be a bit less for you.

Get Started with Smart Copy AI for Free

5) Copysmith

copysmith ai copywriting

What is Copysmith.ai?

Copysmith is an Open AI GPT -3 content creation tool that employs in-depth learning to comprehend human writing and is a powerful artificial intelligence model.

The model is continuously being developed to tailor its content to your aims. This enables Copysmith to learn how to offer high-quality material to the user's input instructions. Check Copysmith.ai Website

Key Features of Copysmith

Blog post templates

You may utilize Copysmith to simplify your writing process when you need to get a head start on your blog article. You have to provide information on what your copy needs to be, just like other templates.

Very user-friendly interface

As I have been using this for a long time, I have taken the extract, which has the best navigation so far. I am loving using this for this particular reason.

Once you pop up its central panel, you'll soon be realized.

Plagiarism checker

It will automatically analyze in-depth web articles to find plagiarism in your document, and if there is, you can omit those parts so that you won't need to worry about it anymore.

Though it is not as smooth as the Copyscape or Quetext are but still worth trying once.

A large variety of templates is available

What you are looking for is a great tool to create your commodities into a visual presentation and then build it into a brand you need to design it in your way.

Copysmith is full of such templates, which will make your work even more accessible. Just select and replace your version with the default text.

Is it worth using Copysmith?

I have used it so far and found no problem with it, but some things need to be pointed out that steal the thunder from this tool.

The thread blog generates content but is morally dubious. When you read it, sometimes it won't make any sense, but you need to be cautious while making this happen as the whole stuff depends on this one thing.

Though not a very good one for content, only for short content needs. Higher optimization isn't possible with this tool. If taken from a copywriting perspective, then it is magnificent using it.

Copysmith Price

This plan consists of lots of features which start at $19 per month and the highest will be $499 per month.

Start Your Free Trial with Copysmith Now

6) Headlime.com

headlime content writing

What is Headlime?

Headlime has been designed to make marketing copies easier for you. It is possible to customize tens of thousands of templates. Initially, the technology was launched by Danny Postma, the founder of Headlime 2.0, to reach its customers in Google sheets. Check Headlime.com Website

Key Features

AI copywriter

The AI Copywriter is powered by OpenAi's GPT-3. It is a beautiful tool that essentially automatically writes copies.

The next step is to produce several documents in seconds—the Document Generator. Next is the inspiration for compositions, a list of thousands of copies to inspire you.


You can simply work with team members with the very best Headlime for Team feature. You may also share and reuse your copy using this functionality.

This initially does not work when you are making it a complete mess, but if your team is there, then no worries on their behalf. The collaboration makes it easy for multiple people to get insight into a single document.

Lots of Tools

You may use the product for newsletters, blogs, emails, goods, announcements, and a thousand copies. The team has tested every text behind this beautiful tool on various marketing channels to determine which works do not.

This is pretty simple in thinking, but when implemented, even more complicated. You need a reasonable amount of time to establish this in initials ideally, but there is no turnback when used to this. 

Is it worth using Headlime?

This tool is good to use but a few things should be highlighted as its AI is not that good, it won't give you out-of-box thinking so what you need in this situation is to create a paradox for yourself. You will be checking everything manually and that's not correct with a SaaS product.

In contrast to a conventional copywriter who can sometimes reflect on his work, An AI-powered copywriter has no originality or sentiments.

Unlike the tools like conversion.ai which evaluates other articles and texts too to make it more simplified and taken into a human perspective, this gives you a pretty simple idea.

Headlime Price

They have a single price for a single feature for $89 annually, which isn’t a bad deal.

Try Headlime for Free without Credit Card

7) Closerscopy.com

Closerscopy ai copywriting

What is Closers Copy?

ClosersCopy is a copywriting program with a vast template library, which can be used to produce online and commercial content.

This service is available for novices as well as professional copywriters to write texts, including many additional Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and sales letters. It so helps to transform readers into true consumers.

It is very simple to write a copy using this service. When you pick the template to use, just the highlighted text has to be replaced by the message you desire.

Check Closerscopy Website

Key Features of Closers Copy Tool

Artificial Intelligence

ClosersCopy offers a copywriter for artificial intelligence. You're assured of original extremely interesting material with this technology that seems to have been authored by a person.

Not only will the AI editor assist you to choose a term, but it will also produce content for your advertisement, sales page, and other marketing material.

Drag and Drop Builders

This website features the most user-friendly developers compared to many copywriting tools. A seamless drag-and-drop copy creator is included in ClosersCopy.

You can drag and drop copied items, making writing more straightforward. Users may combine and then drag and drop headlines on their sales copy page.

Copy Emotion Analysis

You may also make sure that the tone you selected matches the message you intended. You may also broaden your vocabulary by utilizing the Thesaurus Lookup and prevent repeating terms.

Is it worth using CloserCopy?

Unlike all the other tools we have discussed till now, this is the craziest one. Like The potential tool, this one is quite good compared to many.

But this one lacks when comes to AI which is not so responsive sometimes. You might get the results gradually.

And above all the result could have been better if taken into consideration. Still, if you are using this then it might be worth using it.

CloserCopy Price

The start consists of $29.99 per month but you can even upgrade it to $79.99 per month. You can take a professional price at $49.99 per month too.

Get Started with Closers Copy Now

8) Rytr.me

rytr.me ai writer

What is Rytr?

Rytr.me is one of the best pocket-friendly AI copywriting assistants that assists you generate high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost! Check Rytr.me Website

The software uses state-of-the-art language AI, augmented with the use of case-specific best practices and templates to create content. You can read the completed Rytr review here.

User Interface:

The tool offers a simple doc-style editor for distraction-free long-form writing which is a perfect fit for creating articles, essays, blog posts and more.

Supported Languages:

You can find support for all major languages at Rytr. The tools use a proprietary approach for producing outputs in other languages to guarantee better quality.

Plagiarism Checker:

Rytr.me gives an inbuilt plagiarism checker to show instant feedback on the authenticity of generated content.

Rytr.me Pricing:

The good thing about Rytr is that it offers a lifetime free plan that enables you to generate 5000 characters per month. Yes, you can generate 5000 characters per month forever, no credit card is needed.

You can choose Monthly pricing or Annual pricing based on the requirement. Pricing starts at $29 for the Starter plan and $109 for from plan.

You can also for an annual subscription at just $290 and get 2 months free!

Check Rytr.me Website

9) Shortlyai.com

What is it?

ShortlyAI is the GPT-3 writer assistant program for writing and sending articles, books, and whatever you desire, using artificial intelligence (AI).

It utilizes AI, and then it writes appropriately, to comprehend your demands. The quality of the material you do not have to worry about is superhuman. Check Shortlyai.com 

Key Features

Instruct Command

Shortly AI works like Google Assistant if you utilize Instructions. Whenever on Google Assistant you ask anything, you will receive a reply. Right? You may also use the Short AI command to ask AI to write whatever you desire.

Frameworks for Copywriting

ShortlyAI can help you write copies and make sure the documents are as the most excellent copywriter has written them. You may tell ShortlyAI to create your sales or advertising content through any copywriting structure such as AIDA, Before-After-Bridge, PAS, etc. You can do this with the instructions.

Email writing

Email marketing is one of the finest strategies to expand your company. But it might be challenging to write a friendly email.

You may utilize Shortly AI if you want to compose your email more quickly and save time.

Generate Headlines

The first thing your readers will notice will be the headline. To boost the CTR, it must be attractive and intriguing. But it might take a lot of effort for some individuals to create a captivating headline.

So you can utilize ShortlyAI to come up with an incredible headline for your next post or video if you are also one of those individuals.

Is it worth using ShortlyAI?

Well, of course, if you have lots of money and patience to work on a particular document then you should go ahead. The statistics and data are not correct every time so what you will do is correct them manually.

$79 per month is a very big amount to be spent on a tool and won't recommend this one. Either it had to be perfect or a bit less costly.

Shortly AI Price

As I said, $79 per month will be the worst deal for any tool but if you take the annual price then it is going to be worth $65 per month.

Try ShortlyAI.com For Free

10) Article Forge

What is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an online program with artificial knowledge and a profound study model that allows infinite, single, and high-quality material to be generated in a fraction of a time.

The same firm that has produced the famous WordAI software was developed in 2015. The same AI writer that authorizes Article Forge drives every language

 In consequence, you will receive better articles than just about every other option on the market if you utilize Article Forge to produce the content material in another language. Check Article Forge Website

Key Features

Bulk Generator

Switch to "Switch To Bulk Article Generator" to produce bulk items. When you click on the switch, a new box will become available, where you simply input subjects and a maximum of five sub-keywords in a separate line.

In addition, if you've supplied more than five, it will select a random five sub keywords. Also, remember, that sub-keywords containing above 50 words will be ignored.

Post Scheduler

You may automatically post material on your WordPress blogs by using Post Scheduler. First of all, to set up your Post Scheduler, you will need to link your WordPress site with Article Forge.

Affiliate Programme

It is not the critical feature of this particular app, but it helps you to save a few bucks. You may obtain your affiliate link right here if you want to promote Article Forge to your audience and subscribers. To promote it, you can share it through blog articles and fora.

When anybody buys Article Forge's plan using your link, you will receive a 25% membership commission for every transaction.

 Is it worth using Article Forge?

Are we going to make an article of more than 750 words? Then this tool might disappoint you somehow.

Article forge is sound and highly optimized for a short article version, and we all know content writing is equally important and a tool should have it. Then what's the point in it. For copywriting, it is good to be used.

Article Forge Price

If taking the monthly price then it will be $57 per month but the annual one is $27 per month.

Check Article Forge Website

11) Zyro AI Copywriter

What is it?

This one is a bit different as it is not dedicated to AI copywriting. Zyro is a fast web development tool for non-coding customers.

There is actually no need to know anything about websites for most of their target demographic. You may utilize Zyro as long as you know graphical user interfaces.

This includes an AI content generation script, AI heatmap, and a wide range of pictures to be used as resources.

Key Features

Save Time & Money

The main benefit of employing online content writing tools is that they also save you a lot of money and time. And Zyro is an entirely free one.

Yes, you need not spend a single penny. The AI content generator can produce an article in minutes, so you can make a lot of articles in a few seconds for your many sites.

Go Wild

If you do not discover your favourite speciality from the specific categories, use the "Go Wild" option. To define your services and brand, type a few phrases and click on the Continue button to produce content.


Yes, you won't get something unique out of this software and something very concrete. But the content will be SEO friendly, In case of urgency, you can opt to get short content from this tool.

Is it worth using Zyro?

Yes, you can as it is free so you can try it for a while but this is entirely void and you won't get anything very informative from here.

That's why it is worth it if you need it once and for concise content also you need to check plagiarism manually so it will be a difficult task with it.

Zyro Price

Zyro is completely free.

Check Zyro Website Now

12) Anyword.com

What is Anyword?

Anyword formerly Keywee is a natural language generation ai copywriting platform that helps marketers tailor their words to their audience.

The Anyword platform uses a model trained on millions of marketing copies, coupled with the historical data available online to help you create expert-level content across channels and formats.

Check Anyword Website

Frequently asked questions for AI Writing Software

1. Will AI replace professional content writers with Article Writing?

We add our emotion, creativity, empathy, experience, and subtlety into the material, as content writers, bloggers,s or storytellers, but AI cannot replicate this. AI's soul-free. She can simulate mind and language but cannot duplicate emotions. It can mimic intelligence and speech.

2. How do these tools generate the articles?

In order to produce accessible and easily read versions of the material, the article generator will be scanning the web to discover seed articles. You may also use and upload a piece of cloth on your forum or other websites.

3. What these AI article tools are?

An AI article tools for AI is an online program or downloaded software that employs state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence and the GPT-3 model for learning articles within a few seconds.

Conclusion on the Best AI Content Writing Software & Copywriting Tools 2022:

So, You must have seen all the essential information regarding each software, and this will help you to understand and evaluate it individually.

All AI article-generating tools have been described above. They provide all the tools you need to automate the development of your content.

I would suggest that you register for their free trial before upgrading to the premium plan.

So which ai copywriting tool you have selected? Let us know in the comment section below.

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