ShortlyAI Free Trial Deal - How to Get Free Trial in 2022?

Get an exclusive ShortlyAI Free Trial access for a lifetime as a BloggingRocks user and use our partner link to claim 4 content credits per day to your account.

Looking for a free trial of ShortlyAI to try this awesome AI copywriting tool and check if it fulfils your content needs?

shortlyai free trial deal 2022

We have partnered with ShorthlyAI to bring you a free account for a lifetime to help you discover the tool and experience the hidden power of AI content writing.

Use our exclusive partner link to sign up for ShortlyAI Free Trial and claim your lifetime free account with 4 content credits applied instantly to your free account.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022: It is incredible AI copywriting tool with simple canvas UI to create engaging long-form content faster with the help of AI. With Shortly AI, you can now write creative long stories and human-like blog posts in no time. Grab the free trial without sharing your credit card details. Try ShortlyAI For Free  alert-success

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is the best AI copywriting tool for long-form content. It saves a lot of time and creates long articles instantly. It comes with the latest GPT-3 technology.

The tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate content including articles, blog posts, social media posts, creative stories, sales emails and more in a fraction of time.

All you need to do is create your free account using our special link and give some brief input on what to write about and Shortly AI will do the rest.

How to Sign up for Shortly AI Free Trial Offer?

ShortlyAI is currently allowing Blogging Rocks to promote the free trial deal. Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide to help you sign up for the free trial and claim your bonus credits.

Step 1: Visit this Special Partner link for Shortly AI.

visit shortlyai free trial deal link

Step 2: Enter your email address and click the “Try It now!” button.

Step 3: Now, you need to sign up for a free account.

sign up on shorthly ai

You can create your account using your personal Facebook or Apple account. Or simply enter your name, last name, email and password to register. Make sure your password is highly secured and use at least 8 or more characters.

Step 4: Welcome Screen

After signing up, you will be welcomed to Shortly with some basic things that will help you learn more about this AI tool. You can go through each screen or simply click on the skip button.

welcome to shortly ai

Step 5: Generate Some Content

After the basic tutorials, it will give you two options to write about. If you want to write an article, choose the “I'm writing an article/blog” template, or if you wish to write a story, choose the “I'm writing a story” template.

Step 6: Writing Interface

Finally, it will open a blank canvas style document where you can share your content brief and start generating content with this awesome tool.

Congratulations on starting your free trial of ShortlyAI software with 4 free content credits.

Grab ShortlyAI Free Trial Now

ShortlyAI Pricing Plans 2022

ShortlyAI provides only one premium plan with monthly and yearly payment options. Learn more about Shortly AI pricing here at Blogging Rocks.

shortlyai pricing

1. Shortly AI Monthly Plan for $79 per month

This is a monthly plan from ShortlyAI where you can pay $79 every month and get access to all-powerful features with unlimited content credits to create any type of content with AI. Future updates by the Shortly team are included in this plan.

We recommend this plan to professionals who want to generate content for their freelancing clients. This is the best plan for Freelancers, Bloggers and Freelance Writers.

2. Annual Plan for $65 per month

This is a yearly plan pricing by Shortly team where you get a monthly price of $65 when you pay for the yearly subscription. You are actually paying for 10 months $650 and 2 months are free!

This plan is great for working professionals and marketing agencies. Check ShortlyAI Pricing Now

FAQs Related To Shortly AI Free Trial

1) What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an AI-based copywriting software that can write articles, sales pitches, blog posts, creative stories, and other marketing content for you within minutes with the help of artificial intelligence. It is powered by GPT-3 Technology.

2) Is ShortlyAI a free AI writing assistant?

No, ShortlyAI is a premium AI writing assistant that offers a free trial at Blogging Rocks. You can claim your ShortlyAI free trial to create four amazing content pieces totally free. After that, you can upgrade to its premium plan. You can also try using Jasper AI Free Trial.

3) How much does Shortly cost?

The pricing for Shortly AI tool starts at $65 per month for the yearly plans and if you want to pay monthly then it will cost you $79 per month. Subscribe to its annual plan and get 2 months of free access to ShortlyAI software.

4) Does ShortlyAI generate plagiarism-free content?

Yes 100%, It generates high-quality plagiarism content which is passed through Copyscape, Quetext, Copyleaks, and other Plagiarism Checker tools.

5) is ShortlyAI capable of writing novels for me?

Yes, I can write non-fictional novels for you. You just have to pick the template and start writing your novel.

Final Thoughts On Shortly AI Free Trial

AI writes are very helpful for marketing professionals as it helps to create content effortlessly. Creating good marketing content takes a lot of time and energy but taking the help of ShortlyAI will make your writing easy.

Go and try ShortlyAI if you are looking for an AI copywriting assistant tool that can write for you, and generate four amazing copies for free!

So how was your experience with ShortlyAI software? Have you tried ShortlyAI free trial in 2022?

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comment section below!

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