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simplified discount coupon code 2022

Because here I will be sharing with you an exclusive Simplified coupon code that allows you to get an instant 40% discount on growth plans.

Simplified Coupon Code: Flat 40% Savings

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What is Simplified App?

Simplified is an all-in-one app for professionals that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can find thousands of professionally designed, customizable templates for all your business needs.

Create logos, ads, video reels, social media posts, announcements, newsletters and more using Simplified AI platform. No design skills or coding skills are required!

Simplified App can help you with:
  1. AI Copywriting
  2. Graphic Desiging
  3. Edit Videos
  4. Social Media Publishing
  5. Team Collabration

Simplified AI writer got an upgrade with a built-in Plagiarism checker :) and Grammarly support. πŸŽ‰ .

Why work alone when you can work with an entire team in real-time. Invite up to 5 members.

Check out these new templates to scale your content creation:

  1. Start-Up Ideas Generator: Give domains you want to create and it’ll generate ideas you can work on.
  2. Product Growth Plan: Give the details about the product/services you offer, and it’ll generate a plan to grow your product.
  3. Website Meta Description: Provide the meta title of the website and keywords you want to target, and it’ll generate a meta description for it.
  4. Website Meta Keywords: Provide the meta title and meta description of the website and it’ll generate meta keywords for it.
  5. Website Meta Title: Provide the name of the website and keywords you want to target and it’ll generate a meta title for it.
  6. YouTube Video Tags: Give the video name and it’ll generate video tags for it.
  7. LinkedIn Invitation: Want someone to accept your LinkedIn invitation? Tell how you know the person and call to action and get a personalized invitation for them.
  8. Job Description: Just tell us the role and it’ll generate a job description for your job post.
  9. Customer Testimonials: Tell it about the product and it’ll generate personalized testimonials for it.
  10. Survey Email: Give it the motive of the survey and the name of the product and it’ll generate an email with a defined call to action for the survey.
  11. Sales Demo Cold Email: Tell it about the product to give away product demo to the customers.
  12. Rejection Email: Write an email to convey the rejection of the given event.
  13. Review Request Email: Tell it about the product it’ll write emails to request a review for the product.
  14. Follow-Up Email: Write personalized follow-up emails for the given situation.
  15. Job Seeking Cold Email: Wanna apply for a job? Tell it about the job role and how you came across it and it’ll generate an email to contact the person for the same.
  16. Event Promotion Email: Enter event details and it’ll generate an event promotion mail.
  17. Congratulatory Email: Write emails to congratulate someone just by giving the occasion.

Don't wait, upgrade today and start writing with a Long-form editor.

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